COIN Teams

COIN Teams all work on different projects to support the mission of COIN - to promote progressive action, hold our elected officials accountable, and protect democracy.  You can find out more about each team by clicking on the images below.  

B.A.T. - the Bentz Accountability Team tracks and responds to all the poor choices the current ORD2 rep makes. Coordeinates activities with D.R.A.T., the DeRemer Accountability Team. 

D.R.A.T. - The DeRemer Accountability Team tracks and responds to all the poor choices the current ORD5 representative makes and is working to make sure she's not re-elected.

Legislative Team - tracks and makes recommendations for endorsement on bills, then advocates and lobbies for those bills.

Oregon Democracy Project - Facebook group that works to displace disinformation with facts, and establish an Oregon where all voices are heard. 

COIN Squads - Advocacy through calls, postcards, rallies and more!  Work together with your group to track your actions. 

Social and Economic Justice - COIN's newest team is just getting started. Find out more by signing up and attending a meeting. 

We Care - COIN  We Care is currently raising money to help those struggling to obtain  access to abortion and other reproductive health care services. COIN We Care has joined with the Northwest Abortion Access Fund in this effort to protect reproductive freedom. 

COIN We Care also support local health care workers, teachers, and other front line workers during tough times.

Voter Outreach Team - Organizes canvasses, phone banks and other direct voter contact projects to help elect progressive candidates.

Climate / Energy / Environment - The CEE Team works to support policies and programs at the state, federal and local levels that promote environmental sustainability.